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State Forensic Science Bureau

Congratulations to our Lithuanian colleagues on 60th anniversary of LTEC!

State Forensic Science Bureau of Latvia congratulates our colleagues and brothers from Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania on 60th anniversary. We share a common history (the first director of LTEC was Latvian), so everything was set on the right track from the beginning! Please don’t forget your Latvian heritage and let’s be as strong partners in the future as we are now!

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STEFA project meeting in Stockholm

The SFSB Director Maira Čentoricka together with SFSB Quality Manager and an expert from the Document Investigation Department will participate in the meeting of the project “Steps Towards a European Forensic Science Area” (STEFA) devoted to the activity G1 “Benchmarking forensic laboratories for strategic planning purposes”. The meeting will be held from 27 till 29 November 2018 in Stockholm. The STEFA project is an important stepping stone in the realisation of the European Forensic Science Area contributing to key work streams that have been specified in the relevant EU Council Decisions. It brings together teams of experts from 31 organisations in 18 EU Member States (forensic institutes, research establishments, universities & other forensic service providers) along with 5 more organisations from other countries. The SFSB is involved in 3 STEFA activities – G1 “Benchmarking forensic laboratories for strategic planning purposes”, G5 “Development of a training and education concept for forensic hair and fibre experts” and G9 “Best Practice Manual – Forensic comparison of soil traces”.

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COST project meeting

Head of the Biological and Chemical Investigations Department M.Rēpele participated in the Steering Committee meeting of the COST action No CA16101 “MULTI-modal Imaging of FOREnsic SciEnce Evidence - tools for Forensic Science”. The meeting took place in Sheffield, the UK, on 2 July 2018. COST is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe.

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Forensic experts from Cyprus, Hungary and Germany visit the SFSB

Within the framework of the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) Exchange Programme forensic scientists from Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation (Germany), Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences and Forensic and Toxicology Laboratory of the Cyprus State General Laboratory paid a visit to the State Forensic Science Bureau. The aim of the visit – experience exchange in the field of forensic examination of metals and gunshot residues.

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SFSB Director visits Estonia

The SFSB Director Maira Čentoricka together with State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Director of the State Chancellery is visiting Tallinn, Estonia, from 4 to 6 April 2018 to learn more about Estonian experience in forensic science organization and to participate in the conference devoted to 80th anniversary of the Estonian Forensic Science Institute. The Estonian experience is especially valuable for Latvia since Estonian forensic science system is already centralized.

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Second Baltic Forensic Scientist Meeting of Trace Evidence

Members of the network of the Baltic states forensic institutions (NBSFI) will gather on 17th – 18th May 2018 to attend the Second Baltic Forensic Scientist Meeting of Trace Evidence. The meeting will be held at the State Forensic Science Bureau (SFSB) of the Republic of Latvia facilities. The format of meeting includes presentations on a first half-day, and on a second half-day all participants according to their speciality will be invited to join a smaller discussion group for a hands-on session in the laboratory. Topics that cover trace evidence (paint and polymer, fibres and textile, glass, metal, GSR, ignitable liquids) as well as fingerprint development, forensic soil and forensic botany fields of investigation will be to be discussed during the meeting. The working language of the meeting is optional (English or Russian) and no requirements will be imposed.

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ENFSI ETHG Steering Committee meeting in Zurich

The meeting of the ENFSI European Textile and Hair Working Group (ETHG) Steering Committee was held in Zurich from 9-10 January 2018. The SFSB was represented by a senior forensic expert from the Biological and Chemical Investigation Department.

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Directors of the Baltic forensic institutes gather in Riga

The directors of the forensic institutes from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on 5 September 2017 gathered in Riga for a meeting devoted to co-operation in the field of EU funds, joint projects related to forensic capacity building, creation of databases and exchange of forensic information. The SFSB was represented by its Director Maira Čentoricka.

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Third workshop on mobile forensics in Riga

The SFSB IT forensic experts together with their colleagues from the Estonian and Lithuanian forensic science institutions will participate in the third training on examination of mobile devices by using special forensic equipment which will be held in Riga from 28 August to 1 September 2017 within the framework of the EU supported project “Training on examination of mobile devices by using special forensic equipment”. The project activities involve 4 training seminars in Riga and it is managed by the Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania, the SFSB is involved as a partner organization.

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SFSB forensic IT expert visits Forensic Science Institute Zurich

A forensic IT expert from the SFSB Document Investigation Department from 18-20 July 2017 visited the Forensic Science Institute Zurich. The aim of the visit – experience exchange in the field of digital imaging. The training visit was organized by the Court Administration of Latvia within framework of the project “Justice for growth” co-funded by the European Social Fund.

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