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State Forensic Science Bureau

Experience exchange visit to the Lithuanian Forensic Science Centre

Forensic experts from the SFSB on 6 December 2016 within the framework of the experience exchange visit had a meeting with forensic experts from the Lithuanian Forensic Science (LFSC) Centre and Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre. The event was held at the premises of the LFSC in Vilnius and it was aimed at experience and knowledge exchange in the field of forensic examination of marks.

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ENFSI MP2014 Monopoly Programme project meeting in Budapest

The meeting of the ENFSI Monopoly Programme 2014 project “Towards the Development of Pan-European Databases in Forensic Science” Activity N5 was held in Budapest, Hungary, from 18-20 October 2016. Director of the SFSB Document Investigation Department participated in the meeting.

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Microscopy workshop in Prague

Forensic experts from the SFSB Biological and Chemical Investigations Department and Document Investigation Department participated in the workshop "New methods, instrumentation and ideas for analysis and microscopy in forensic science", which was held in Prague from 21 to 22 November 2017.

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ENFSI document examination experts will meet in Riga in 2017

A meeting of the European Document Experts Working Group (EDEWG) and its Steering Committee (SC) in 2017 will be held in Riga and hosted by the SFSB. This year the 9th EDEWG Conference and SC meeting was held in Frankfurt from 15-18 November. The SFSB was represented by the Head of the Document Investigation Department who is also as a member of the EDEWG Steering Committee.

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ENFSI Joint Meeting 2016 in Riga

The European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) will hold its Joint Meeting in Riga, Latvia, from 30 November to 02 December 2016. It will be organized by the State Forensic Science Bureau, one of the ENFSI member institutes. During the Joint Meeting the Chairs of the Expert Working Groups and the ENFSI Board have the chance to work together and exchange ideas.

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GSR seminar in Wiesbaden

A guns shot residues expert from the SFSB participated in the “one day one topic” (OOS) seminar “An introduction to the analysis of organic gunshot residues”, which was held on 22 November 2016 in Wiesbaden. The event was organized by the German Bundeskriminalamt (BKA).

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ENFSI ASPT Steering Committee meeting in Budapest

The meeting of the Steering Committee of the ENFSI Animal, Plant and Soil Traces (APST) expert working group was held from 14-15 November 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. Latvia was represented by the SFSB Head of the Biological and Chemical Investigation Department, also a member of the APST Steering Committee.

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ENFSI QCLG meeting in Montenegro

The Annual Meeting of the ENFSI Quality and Competence Liaison Group (QCLG) took place in Budva, Montenegro, on 3-5 November 2016. The Quality Manager of the SFSB took part in the meeting.

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First Baltic Forensic Scientist Meeting of Trace Evidence

On behalf of the State Forensic Science Bureau (SFSB) of the Republic of Latvia, we are pleased to invite members of the Network of the Baltic States Forensic Institutions (NBSFI) to participate in the First Baltic Forensic Scientist Meeting of Trace Evidence. The meeting will be held at the SFSB facilities on 16th – 17th May 2017.

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SFSB document examination experts participate in FRONTEX training

The SFSB document examination experts on 18 October 2016 participated in the document examination training organized by the State Border Guard College in co-operation with the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX). The event took place in Rezekne, Latvia.

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